Will (he/they) is a full time Twitch streamer, cosplayer on TikTok, Madrinas Coffee enthusiast, and a cat dad to Oz! He makes sure the Treehouse community is a welcoming and accepting place for all while keeping things cozy with some variety gaming!


For when the weather is warmer, I love to make myself a shaker of Raspberry Lemonade! It's low in sugar while still being sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, making it a great alternative to soda! Every sip keeps me cool enough to keep gaming for hours on end!

When temperatures start to drop, I love to curl up in a blanket with a mug of Morning Party Blend and a dash of the Mocha powder mixed in. The warm chocolatey flavors of the coffee make it the perfect choice to stay in and enjoy a VC with friends!

Madrinas X will

"As someone who's been working with Madrinas for many years, I've loved seeing how they've grown and innovated over time."