Fluffy is the proud dad of two girls who he loves to devote his time to. With his free time on the weekends, he streams on Twitch. Full of bad puns, and dad jokes, the Trash Panda community is there to enjoy it all.

Fluffy's Picks

Strawberry Kiwi has been my summer go to so far. It has this explosion of flavor that just screams summer fun. So whether you are on the beach or stuck at your desk this one can send a little sunshine your way.

I am an absolute fan of dark roast coffee. Specifically I am drawn to Sumatran roasts and this one really delivers. I can't help but feel like royalty as the smell of these fresh ground beans permeates my kitchen.

Madrinas X fluffy lives

"The reason I wanted to go with Madrinas Coffee, is because I wanted all natural ingredients for my family."