Chelsey is an avid gamer and coffee drinker. Coming from a family who drank coffee every morning and always had a pot of decaf at the ready, partnering with Madrinas was a no brainer! She’s been a streamer for over 10 years with a focus on Zelda Randomizers. When offline you can find her snuggling her fluffy cat Astro

Chelsey's Picks

I’m a known peach lover, so much so that my entire stream is branded around them. The first thing I asked when partnering with Madrinas was for a peach flavor, and my dreams came true with Peachy Lychee! It’s so refreshing on a hot day and I love that I can drink it guilt free with its low calories and sugar!

This cold brew isn’t just for pirates! The slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate against the smooth caramel flavor is perfect for a landlubber and is my favorite in the morning for a quick and sweet pick me up