Fuel Cup - CohhCarnage's COHHFFEE
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COHHFFEE Fuel Cups are designed in partnership with CohhCarnage! The COHHFFEE Fuel Cups combine the fresh and delicious taste of our COHHFFEE beans with the convenience of a single serve coffee pod to give you #coffee4fuel even faster than before.

This Fuel Cup is a craft medium-dark roast with rich chocolate flavors. If you love our COHHFFEE Micro Roast, this Fuel Cup offers the same full body of a dark roast with smooth nutty flavors of a medium roast. Pop our Fuel Cup into your single serve coffee maker to fuel your day!

Each Fuel Cup can be recycled once the aluminum foil top is removed!

Product Description:

- Profile: Chocolate – Nutty- Smooth

- Roast: Medium-Dark Roast

- Region: Peru

- Each Fuel Cup contains 12 grams of coffee ensuring you brew a perfect cup every time

- The Fuel Cups are compatible with all single-serving brewing systems, including Keurig 2.0