Cold Brew Coffee Unlike Any Other


No morning is complete without a quality cup of coffee to get your head in the game. But sleep is precious, work is hard, and mornings are the worst. That’s why Madrinas committed to making easily-prepared instant cold brew coffee–to save time and effort for busy workers, creatives, gamers, students, and anyone else who needs an easy, straightforward way to experience delicious, inspiring coffee. We want awesome energy to come from awesome sources, cutting out the health-negative, impossible-to-pronounce chemical formulations you’ll find in mainline sodas and energy drinks. Instead, all our coffee products contain only simple, all-natural ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body–that’s the essence of #COFFEE4FUEL.

Ever have a coffee that is too hot to drink? We consciously chose to make cold brew coffees for those of us who get so immersed in our lifestyles–our work, our gaming, our art–that a delicious cold coffee make more sense than waiting around for a hot cup of joe to cool off. Madrinas Cold Brew is the perfect choice for the person with the on-the-go lifestyle that never lets up. Just because your life is busy doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying the coffee shop experience of a delicious first sip of perfectly brewed coffee-–and with Madrinas Cold Brew, every sip is just as good as the first.

One-Of-A-Kind Flavors

They told us we were crazy. They told us it was probably illegal in some countries. They told us angry baristas in ill-fitting turtlenecks would chase us through the streets–but we did it anyway, and man, are we satisfied with the results of our Birthday Confetti Cake Cold Brew Coffee. Every taste of this custom confection is like a birthday party in your mouth–filled with the bold flavor of a moist, sprinkle-covered, vanilla cake. Imagine having your own personal celebration every morning!

That’s the kind of imagination and dedication that Madrinas has brought to its signature Cold Brew Coffees. Madrinas Cold Brew features flavors you’ve never seen before. Fans of rich, savory tastes will find plenty to love about our Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel. If it’s an explosion of sweet goodness you’re craving, look to our Cinnamon Chocolate Churro. And if you just want the classics, we’ve got you covered with Classic Mocha, Classic Vanilla, & Classic Dark Roast. And it bears repeating –every last one of our flavors is all-natural, which means no additives that will sap away your energy and health over time.

Easy To Prepare

Madrinas Cold Brew is a simple preparation–just add a scoop to water, shake or stir it, and you’re good to go! Real Ingredients settle, so it’s important not to ignore the need to stir the powder before you scoop! To keep that first sip freshness, we recommend adding a few ice cubes to your container or shaker cup. Just one serving of Madrinas Cold Brew Coffee contains about 180mg of caffeine–that’s the equivalent of three full cups of coffee–so for most, one scoop is all you need to face the day head-on.

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