What is Green Coffee Bean Powder


What is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is just coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet–that’s it. That kind of cooked, smoky flavor that coffee boasts? That comes from (among other things) the roasting process.

Some advertisers in the food industry will try to hype up the special properties of green coffee, but it’s actually no mystery where these green coffee properties come from.

Green Coffee pulls away from this traditional coffee taste in its inception. But, you can get the same kind of energy boost from a drink derived from green coffee as you can from roasted coffee. In fact, when you add heat to any food, you start to break down its properties (we’ve all left a plate of leftovers in the microwave for too long and created some new adhesives). The same is true for coffee beans. As such, green coffee beans actually boast a little more caffeine than roasted beans, and also hold higher base amounts of nutrients that haven’t yet been broken down by roasting.

Why Do People Drink Green Coffee?

The principal reason that people drink coffee of any kind is for one reason -  energy. The energy crisis of today’s world is in your body, which has more demands on it in the twenty-first century than basically any other human alive has at any point in history. Your friends, your job, your entertainment, and just keeping up with your slice of society all seem to require the highest profile of your attention and focus. It’s enough to burn anybody out.

Green Coffee beans provide a blank canvas for a multitude of different flavor profiles to be used; fun and exciting flavors that stretch beyond the confines of traditional coffee. For the people in your life that hate the taste of coffee, but love the energy. Maybe you’re just sick of the crash that comes along with energy drinks? Want the gumption but not the coffee breath? Green coffee provides clean, sustainable energy without the crash or traditional coffee flavor.

Is Green Coffee Healthy?

By itself, green coffee is not a high-caloric food and fits inside of any diet other than those that restrict caffeine intake. Caffeine itself is the main health draw of any coffee-related product, per the energy it fills your body with, which makes it easier to burn calories and focus on workouts.

Need an extra boost for your upcoming workout? You can look at whatever pre-workout mix you’d like, but one of the main ingredients across most of them is caffeine - and for a good reason. Caffeine increases blood flow needed for muscle growth, encourages fat burn, and the tremendous focus it creates means your attention stays on your lift or cardio, so you’re doing your best.

But why choose green coffee as a caffeine source over other energy alternatives? Most of the ways that we try to create the energy for our modern lifestyles result in making us feel like dragged seaweed. Energy drinks crash you down, sodas are filled with corn syrup that packs on pounds, and even diet sodas are stuffed full of additives that wreak havoc on your body’s metabolism.

Now, of course, you can overdo caffeine consumption–another reason to stay away from sugar-loaded-and-additive-laced energy drinks, that makes it way, way easier to take in more caffeine than what’s good for you. But in moderation, caffeine is perfectly healthy and has been known to provide numerous health boons like weight loss and increased cardiovascular health–not to mention the will and energy to do other things that improve your health like working out. 

What are Green Coffee Fuelers?

Up until recently, there’s only been a couple of natural alternatives to all those sodas and energy drinks–coffee and tea. And look–sorry, not sorry–but sometimes I don’t want to deal with the burned taste of dirty rainwater rolling around my tongue no matter how tired I am. And while green coffee can be delicious and avoids the “classic” taste of coffee, it’s also often expensive to source green coffee beans, and frequently, you just find a lower-caffeinated green coffee extract.

Green Coffee Fuelers are Madrinas’ answer to this problem.

For Madrinas, green means lean–lean on ingredients, lean on messing with your body’s chemistry, and lean on set-up time. Green Coffee Fuelers are essentially green coffee bean powder with added natural sweeteners and natural flavors like raspberry, peach, blueberry and pomegranate.  All it takes to drink Madrinas Green Coffee Fuelers is one scoop of powder mixed well with ice-cold water! And if you still crave that soda mouth-feel, try mixing it with some sparkling water for an extra thrill. Don’t be shy!

Why are Green Coffee Fuelers such a great choice? Besides being simple to use and not requiring all the grinding and boiling of normal coffee drinks, they supply energy in an all-natural, great-tasting package with simple, identifiable ingredients. 

How do Green Coffee Fuelers Taste?

Madrinas wanted to provide its audience with a great-tasting, all-natural alternative energy source. Madrinas runs that #coffee4fuel life, and has cultivated for years a mean, lean, green selection of all-natural flavors of our signature Green Coffee Fuelers: Wild Berry, Raspberry Lemonade, Peachy Lychee, Blueberry Pomegranate, Sommerberry Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, and Orange Guava Mango. Just looking at the names of all these flavors tastes better than your standard cup of coffee. Reviewers say this impressive array of flavors tastes “sweet,” “light,” “refreshing,” and has “zero coffee taste.”

No matter your lifestyle, there’s always room for an easy, all-natural alternative to something that has been dragging your health down. Madrinas Green Coffee Fuelers is the premiere choice for gamers, athletes, influencers, students, office workers, and everything in between. 

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