A Flavorful Spin on Classic Coffee


What if you could have the amazing energy boost of a cup of coffee, but combined with the refreshment of a summer drink like lemonade? You want to be energized, you want to be refreshed, and you don’t want the strong taste of coffee soaking up your tastebuds for the rest of the day. Madrinas Green Coffee Fuelers are for those of us who just can’t get enough of a refreshing, fruity flavor no matter the time of day. We’ve got you, fam: check out our Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry Lemonade, Sommerberry, Peachy Lychee, Tropical, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Wild Berry flavors for maximum fruity goodness.

At Madrinas, we take it as a source of pride that no one can match our bold, delicious flavors. We have built our assortment of Green Coffee Fuelers slowly over time to ensure that each one meets our strict standards of being both all-natural and delicious. Your body deserves delicious flavors that don’t leave you feeling like old laundry left out in the rain after the inevitable crash from harsh energy drinks and sodas full of additives. That’s why we limit our ingredients and ensure that each one is all-natural – to keep that #COFFEE4FUEL life going.

Gear Up

Let’s face it–coffee just isn’t for everyone. If you’re the kind of person who loves the energy boost that a cup of coffee provides, but can’t get past the “boomer bean water” stigma, then Green Coffee Fuelers are for what you’ve been looking for. Seven different flavors to choose from means there’s something for everybody, and plenty of yummy tastes to enjoy as you reap the benefits from the best energy buzz this side of a bolt of lightning.

Maybe you’ve been stuck on low-nutrient energy drinks which leave you feeling drained by the end of the day, or sodas that pack on calories and leave you hungrier than ever. Madrinas Green Coffee Fuelers offer energy from all-natural green coffee beans that stays with you when you need the boost and lets you land instead of crash. Free from artificial ingredients, the focus you feel is clean and free of the angry, buzzing clutter of alarms your body sounds when it has to deal with the overload of new chemicals from most energy and soft drinks.
When being in the game matters, when your level of focus is the difference-maker, and when you want an edge to stay ahead of the competition, Madrinas Green Coffee Fuelers are the energy source of choice.

Ready When You Are

Nothing’s easier than preparing some Green Coffee Fueler, whether you’re in the zone at home or taking it on the go. Just stir up the powder in the tub to make sure your scoop is as accurate as possible, add it to at least sixteen ounces of water (add some ice if you’re feeling extra), and you’re fueled up!

Pro Tip: Still want the crisp fizz texture of a soda? Mix Green Coffee Fueler in with some sparkling water, and you’ve got an all-natural energy-boosting treat that won’t dump your body with all the extra additives of a pop.