Get Energized with Whole Bean Coffees


Cultivated by Experts

Madrinas Whole Bean Coffee is small-batch roasted in St. Louis, Missouri under the watchful eyes of caffeinated experts whose job it is to make coffee as amazing as possible. Imagine how great you feel just drinking amazing Madrinas coffee drinks–now think of these lucky souls who get to make it their business to use all that energized focus to make their own coffee even better! Their hearts and souls are poured into every bag of whole bean goodness and they have worked tirelessly to expand and refine our array of flavor options.

No matter your coffee palette, we’ve got the taste and darkness to suit you. Love a dark Sumatra with a chocolate spin? Try out Heir to the Throne. Looking for a smooth, medium-body Kona coffee to last all day? Look to 412. Our batches originate from all over the world, from Asia to Africa, but the final roasting isn’t complete until they reach our facilities in the US–this means that what comes to you is as fresh as possible. There are five standard flavors to test out, but maybe you’ve seen it all, and want to experiment a little with your standard coffee flavor…

Curated by Customers

That’s right, we beta test coffee just like you would a video game or software feature. What sets Madrinas Whole Bean Coffee apart is our commitment to the tastebuds of our customers. We’re incorporating flavors like dark chocolate, berries, toffee, and more all to find what excites you (and us) the most. By cycling through beta batches of new coffees, we learn which flavors leave an impact. But we aren’t content just making the appeal of delicious new bags of whole bean coffee the only incentive to broaden your horizons. That’s right–customers who fill out feedback surveys to help us fine-tune our recipe are eligible for ten dollars towards the coffee of their choosing as a special thanks from us to you.

The Whole Bean Advantage

Coffee aficionados often won’t drink anything but whole bean coffee, but it’s for a good reason. Whole bean coffee offers the absolute premium in flavor and potency. This is because of a process called oxidation, in which the coffee bean chemically reacts with the air once it is ground up. The longer coffee has been ground, the longer the chemical reaction goes on, and the more the flavor starts to lose its bolder notes. This goes double for Madrinas Whole Bean blends which are specially cultivated to offer strong, delicious flavors for the educated palette. When you’re going hardcore and using a french press or any other fancy non-drip method, whole bean coffees complete the ensemble.

It might be the case that you have yet to discover the joys of whole bean coffee–and if that’s the case, it is an easy transition. If you can already make coffee in your home, all you need for whole bean coffee is a grinder and about thirty extra seconds of your time–that’s it. Once you make the change, you’ll find out for yourself why those who are serious about flavor know there’s no other option than Madrinas Whole Bean.

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